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     Welcome to my website! I'm Betsy Talcott Kelleher and I'd like to share my love of horses and how God has used them in my own life and to invite you to share your own experiences and comments.
     What better way for God to reach out to us than through our personal interests and experiences! As horse lovers, we strive to develop "partnership" with our horses. And God desires to develop partnership with us, as well.
     Horse training and Christian discipleship actually have many parallels! Consider "working on the bit" and "walking in the Spirit." There are spiritual insights to be learned daily from our contacts with our horses! We only need to develop an awareness of God's hand at work.
     Since December of 1995, I've written a column in the Illinois Horse Network (a monthly newspaper) under the heading, "Sometimes God Uses Horses." Each column shares some horse-related experience revealing spiritual insight. The columns and articles on this website will change as new ones are written. Please read and enjoy...

"And the secret is simply this: Christ in you! Yes, Christ in you bringing
with Him the hope of all the glorious things to come."
- Colossians 1:27, Phillips Translation.

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And I want to thank everyone who has ever bought or read my first book, Sometimes a Woman Needs a Horse in the past ten years! I appreciate all the kind and encouraging comments you have shared with me. I have enjoyed the contacts I have gained and those of you I now call friends on Facebook and otherwise!

It has been an interesting and inspiring journey.

Another journey may begin soon. I am working on my third book, my spiritual memoir.

Thanks, Betsy.


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